What is hypnosis?

 A conversation with a recent client revealed that she was actually quite nervous about going under hypnosis.  So what is hypnosis, really?

Well, it’s certainly not magic and it doesn’t mean that you will be out of control.

It is said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and I believe this to be true.  As your Rapid Transformational Therapist, I am simply your guide. Much like a yoga or meditation teacher is during practice, we guide you while you do the work.

Hypnosis is a natural state of being and we all go through states of hypnosis many times a day.

That lovely, dreamy, floaty feeling right before you go to sleep is a perfect example. You are super relaxed and yet, if you were needed urgently you would wake, alert and ready to respond.

Similarly, when you are  driving or walking a familiar route.  You suddenly find yourself at the destination without remembering how you got there.  You were in a state of hypnosis; trance-like, relaxed, but totally in control.

So you see that hypnosis is perfectly natural and available to everyone.

The state of hypnosis is associated with increased Theta brainwave activity. There are four brainwave activities which are measured in hypnosis; initially the Beta wave which is evident when we are alert; then the Alpha waves which appear when we are rested and relaxed, moving into a slower Theta wave which is very similar to meditation and then finally Delta wave, similar to deep, dreamless sleep.

As stated above, when in a state of hypnosis the brain waves have slowed and we are in deep relaxation. In this deeply relaxed state, we are wide open for suggestion.  Like hypnosis, we are all suggestible. It is how Marketing and Advertising works after all!  Unfortunately, many of the suggestions that we receive in our life are negative and do not serve us.

During a Rapid Transformational Therapy session, while you are in the state of hypnosis I will create a powerful recording for you that includes positive suggestions tailored specifically for you and the transformation you wish to see in your life.

After our session, you will listen to the recording every day for at least 21 days.  The combination of the deep, healing work that we undertake during the session, followed by the re-wiring of your sub-conscious during the next few weeks leads to rapid, pervasive transformation in your life.

If you are ready to book your RTT session, or if you are ready to really transform your life, and would like to book onto my Rapid Change programme, which incorporates my unique Clear – Connect – Create systems then  get in touch at transformationandsuccess@gmail.com.

Do not wait another second of this precious life playing small.

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