Life is short let’s not make it harder than necessary

I was sat with a gaggle of coaches today ( I have no idea if that’s the term for a group of coaches but I like it)

All talking about how to assist their clients achieve their goals

It’s what we all want, obviously


There was something missing.

All these guys were talking about was ‘doing the things’.

You know, the systems, the strategies, the platforms etc….

Now – I know ALL of that is important

But, if you, the client, don’t feel ready to step up, step out and get exposed you will find every excuse in the book not to implement the strategies that will expose you.

Excuses, procrastination, avoidance, illness – you name it , you will do it to avoid what you (secretly) don’t want to do.

Let’s say you are petrified of public speaking but your coach tells you it’s good for business.

Are you going to engage fully in the process of finding a speaking gig? No!

Even if you do the do, your energy and your vibe will speak louder.

Guess what will happen? You won’t get a gig and you’ll feel like a failure.

Worse – you’ll get a gig, hate every second and never want to do it again! Your potential clients will pick up on your hesitancy and, will go elsewhere!

However, if you feel excited about public speaking will you fully engage in the process?

Hell yeah!

You’re excited about this! You can’t wait to share your message, raise your profile, get on that platform!

You’ll get a gig easily, quickly and guess what, you’ll SMASH it! You’ll be high vibe, loving life and you will magnetize your ideal clients to you!

You’ll feel like a crazy success, because you are.

If you have a coach that is pushing you to do the things you don’t want to do, I get it. Success lives outside of your comfort zone, right?

But – what if we could change your comfort zone easily and effortlessly?

What if we could transform your feelings and beliefs so that instead of feeling petrified, you feel excited. BEFORE you put yourself through hell!

Isn’t that a better way to do life?! To do business?!

I think so, and if you think so too then we should talk.

I work with my clients first on their negative feelings and we we transform them using a powerful blend of Rapid Transformational Therapy and kundalini yoga.

Once your feelings are transformed, only then do we start on the systems and the strategies.

Life is short – let’s not make it more challenging than it needs to be!

Get your programming right and transformation and success is just around the corner.

Book your call with me on or PM me here.

Rebecca xo

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