21 days to EXPLODE your money making skills, easily & effortlessly!


Recode your subconscious mind to rapidly bring in all the wealth you desire


Our subconscious mind is responsible for controlling 95% of our life


Think of your subconscious mind like a database. If you put the right information in, you’ll get the right results when you use it.


Imagine you are building a list of clients interested in your services; you put their details into your database accurately, you contact them and in return they pay you money for your incredible services.


But, what if the information has been input incorrectly? What if, when you come to use the information their names and numbers are wrong. Will you be paid handsomely for your services now?


No! You just lost a lot of clients that wanted to give you money.


Incorrect input = negative output,


The same happens with your mind. If your programming around money isn’t productive in helping you achieve your goals then, in short, you’re not going to achieve them.


The majority of our subconscious programming happens when we are a child so if you heard messages such as


* money doesn’t grow on trees

* you have to work hard for money

* success and money are for others

* you are useless with money


Then it’s likely your mindset isn’t programmed for financial success.


Imagine that you could recode this programming to have the same thoughts and beliefs as the most affluent and successful people in the world.


Imagine how powerful recoding will change everything for you


You will feel capable of attracting all the abundance and money you require


You could live your life buying and experiencing anything you desire without money playing a key role in your decisions


It’s simple, but true that rich people have different thoughts about money to poor people.


Rich people view money differently than most of the world’s population and that brings them incredible results.


You have two options!


You can take the long route and work on your beliefs consciously – but that takes years!


Or you give your manifesting powers a turbo boost and use the most powerful, most transformative way to attract the money and lifestyle you desire by recoding your subconscious mind.


By repogramming your subconscious mind you will


* Eradicate the mind patterns that are blocking you from attracting money


* Use your subconscious creativity to allow business ideas flow naturally and freely to yourself


* Stop struggling and have abundance find its way to you


* Have the most powerful money mindset programming


* Attract the success and money you desire as an entrepreneur


The absolute secret to attracting all the wealth you want in your life is your subconscious programming.


It is the key to everything!


Recode and reap massive success!


If you want to give your money manifestation skills a phenomenal turbo boost for 2020 then you need my Money Manifester Turbo Boost


You get: 


* Group Rapid Transformational Therapy session to clear all your money mindset blockages. Rapid Transformation Therapy is a multi-award winning stand-alone therapy that uses the best of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy to locate and smash though all the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


* A deeply powerful kundalini yoga, kriya, mantra and meditation session to raise your spiritual energy and connect you to the laws of the Universe ensuing you are absolutely on the right frequency to manifest all you desire


* Practical coaching session all about how to track and grow your free-flowing money.


Together these are worth over £600

or one time only, this 3 week course is available at an investment of £99


BUT - sign up within by midnight on 24 October and get the crazy early bird price of £49


Course starts Monday 13th January for 3 weeks. 


Start 2020 how you mean to go on - a money magnet and well on your way to wealth and success!


By the end of January your subconscious will be rewired and recoded for unstoppable abundance and success.


If you’re reading this you’re not here by accident. 


You’ve probably tried many ways to attract more money.


You’re constantly chasing after better business ideas, and techniques to make more money. But nothing has worked well and you always seem to find yourself pulled right back to where you were.


This is because your subconscious is the driver and it will always pull you back to where you were until you retrain, reprogramme and recode it to allow easy, effortless attraction of wealth and success.


How much more time can you afford to lose?


You are stuck and the results are not showing up.


You’re frustrated and close to giving up as you just  don’t understand why nothing is happening for you after all the energy, time, and money you put into your journey.


You see other people having success easily and effortless and it all just seems really unfair that it’s not happening for you.


I understand, this was me too once!


I did everything you are doing and nothing worked...until I changed my subconscious coding around money.


After just one RTT session I had unexpected windfall after windfall: new clients and business success came easily to me


When you remove the subconscious blocks that rule everything around money, you will be liberated.


This course is 21 days to absolute money success!!


Did you know?

* Your core beliefs about money lie deep down within you.


* It is almost impossible to shift your inner belief system by using your consciousness only.


* If you hold negative subconscious thoughts about money, but also have a conscious desire to attract more money, I hate to tell you, but it’s never going to happen until you fix your beliefs. You might see great results to start with , but sooner or later your external world will reflect what you believe subconsciously.


It’s obvious really - how can you expect to attract more money if deep down you believe that money is bad, or its for other people, or you can’t be trusted with it?


it’s crazy when we thing about it!


This 21 day Money Manifest Turbo Boost will rewire your subconscious programming to change your thoughts. As we all know thoughts, become things!


Once you’ve experienced this incredible course, your subconscious mind will be filled with powerful, commanding, money attracting beliefs.


Your newly recoded subconscious will be filled with ideas about how easily money flows to you; as well as an abundance of money making ideas.


This reprogramming will take you on a journey of magnificent money manifestation. You will take new decisions, actions and see different opportunities to attract a steady flow of money to you.


The course is SUPER Powerful with 3 group sessions and just a few minutes passive work every single day.


It is your time to take control of the subconscious mind to tap into your money manifesting mindset.


You’ve tried everything else, now it’s time to do something different.


Something that works!


Usually valued at over £600, you can get this EXPLOSION in wealth for the crazy price value of £99.


Or if you’re quick,  £49 if you book before midnight on 24th October 2019


The power for success is within you.


The power for success is your responsibility.


You are here because you are ready for a true, rapid, permanent change in your life


Let me show you how.


Let’s get started on smashing all the beliefs holding you back and recoding your neural pathways for massive success and wealth!


Usual cost £600


One time only £99, and early bird offer before 24th October of £49


Limited spaces available! Book now.


Once you have paid you will be re-directed to the private Facebook group.


I'm so excited for you guys! Rebecca xo

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