“People are even telling me I look different”

A comment from a client yesterday after a money block RTT session.

Just over a week ago I conducted rapid transformational therapy on a man in his mid 40’s.

We focused on money blocks.

People often think of money blocks as an inability to make lots of money.

But this man had money, he just couldn’t keep hold of it, he was always in debt and the anxiety around money effected his whole life.

His money blocks prevented his children having the opportunities he was given as a child, and him living his life in the best way.

Every single decision surrounding money was a cause for stress and anxiety.

His inability to be decisive and make good decisions had ruined relationships.

He had unopened bills dating back 10 years!

It was a mess & It affected his whole life.

During the RTT session we discovered the root of his issues around money

– that it was bad
– wanting money made you bad
– he couldn’t be trusted with money
– he wasn’t good enough or loveable enough to have his true desires

It was eye-opening for him!

Over the next few days, he paid off some debts, and – effortlessly – started tracking his money.

His mind is clearer and he’s been able to tackle other essential jobs because he has ‘headspace’ – important as he’s about to launch a new business!

To top it all, he even looks better! The stress and strain of money worry has left his face!

I’m really excited to see where he goes over the next 21 days as his personalised recording cements his new beliefs around money into his subconscious!

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