In 2015, world leaders set a goal for gender equality by 2030.

So far, not a single country is on track to achieve the targets.

Not one.

The gender equality goal is the 5th most important goal behind poverty, hunger, good health and good education. 

The first four goals are  basic things that most of us in the Western world take for granted.  So why don’t we, in the UK, expect equality for our daughters, the way we expect to be able to eat?

The fact we even have to have gender equality targets is sad enough, but that we are so far from achieving them is abhorrent. 

There is not a single country in the world where men and women, girls and boys are treated equally in all aspects and there are almost 3 million women and girls that live in countries that are not doing enough to make their lives of an equal standard to men

 1.4 billion girls live in a country who do not believe they deserve the same rights as their male peers. 

Not even one country is taking the action required to eliminate violence against women and girls, female genital mutilation child marriage and rape. Nor are women’s reproductive rights, or access to associated healthcare being upheld.  

And before my fellow UK’ers switch off and presume we are doing ok. We were ranked 17th.

The USA ranked 28th for ensuring equality. 

To clarify – the world’s most powerful nation has an officially ‘poor’ score for ensuring equality for half its population. 

I fear both of these rankings are going to get worse given the current political climate.

The poorer countries are making faster progress towards equality and of course, they have further to go. But, does this mean the more developed countries have reached our peak? 

Is this it for females now?  

It’s not ok that  the person statistically most likely to kill us is the one that lives in our home.

It’s not ok that we still are massively underrepresented at boardrooms and positions of power.

It’s not ok that we still earn less in the workplace.

Is it really so difficult to have a world where every girl and woman counts and is counted?

You might be thinking the inequaity that surrounds us has nothing to do with you.

You’re wrong. It effects you in ways you probably aren’t even aware of, holds you back in ways you don’t know and requires solutions you probably haven’t thought of. More on this, coming in a couple of articles time – stay tuned.

Perhaps you’re thinking you can’t do anything about the global problem. 

You’re wrong. 

You ARE part of the problem and I’m going to tell you how in my next article.