Client Success Story – Pain

I carried out a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with a lady yesterday who is in chronic daily pain.

She has multiple long-standing issues such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and has been in pain for as long as she can remember.

The impact on her life is that even every day activities are a challenge and she often avoids doing things for fear of running out of energy.

After putting her into a state of hypnosis, I regressed her back to three childhood scenes. All of which were super positive on the face of it, however she was ill and in pain in all of them.

Together, we teased out the fact that she felt extra-protected, and extra-nurtured when she was ill. In short, she got more attention when ill and when ill, she was protected from what was going on in the outside world. When ill, she didn’t have to face any outside challenges.

As a socially anxious and awkward child her illness and pain served a purpose for her. Being ill meant she was extra nurtured, protected and sheltered. We made these connections together and then we re-wired them under hypnosis.

By the end of our session she knew that she no longer needed to be ill in order to feel nurtured, or protected. She knew that as an adult, she could protect herself, nurture herself and love herself just as she needed – regardless of whether she was ill or not.

Under hypnosis we then commanded her body to turn her pain right down.

Immediately following the session her body was totally pain-free and she later messaged to say that she felt like she’d been ‘whizzing’ through her housework. Follow-up call this morning revealed she was still pain-free and had the best night’s sleep she’d had in years! With her personalised recording, I have no doubt these astounding results will continue.

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