I am ready for rapid transformation and success

I’m Rebecca  and my expertise is Re-Coding you for Massive Transformation and Success.

Rebecca Ingram Coach

I am a lawyer turned Rapid Transformational Therapist and Executive Coach. 

My method works because I use Rapid Transformational Therapy, a multi-award winning ‘super-therapy’ to get straight to the root of what is holding you often back.  Once this is   cleared, we work together to create the transformation and success you desire.

My clients include high-achievers, young professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in business, and anyone else who is feeling ‘stuck’ and unable to achieve their next-level of success.

You are now ready and willing to drop everything that is holding you back.  You have probably already achieved huge success but you are now being held back by subconscious belief’s and past trauma.

You have probably already tried ‘everything else’, and while it may have worked for a while, the results weren’t permanent. 

It is time to stop wasting your time, and money on ineffective interventions.

You can never have everything you desire in your life without re-coding your subconscious. 

Once you do this, rapid, phenomenal transformation and success is just around the corner.

Your re-coding means that issues such as anxiety, low-confidence, fear of public-speaking, Imposter Syndrome and many more, are completely eradicated and you achieve your desires, effortlessly and easily.

I offer a variety of packages including: Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Executive Corporate and Leadership Coaching.

To enquire about working together, email me at

If you are a female entrepreneur or woman in business head over to my Transformation and Success Strategy Hub:

I can’t wait to see what success is next for you!

Rebecca Ingram

Rapid Transformation Coach


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