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I am a Rapid Transformation Coach using Rapid Transformational Therapy, a multi-award winning ‘super-therapy’ to get straight to the root of what is holding you back.   Together, we clear what is holding you back and create what you really want. 

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Rebecca – Rapid Transformation Coach

Top 10 International Law Firm | Rapid Transformational Therapist | Executive Coach | Certified Hypnotherapist | 200 hour Yoga Teacher FRYOG


“A year ago I was so unhappy, anxious and behaving irratically due to my mental heath issues – all being caused by a horrid workplace and unhealed childhood trauma.

After working with Rebecca to clear my childhood pain (very mild compared to some people, but still holding me back!) I have found the strength to leave my job and start up on my own.

Using the strategies Rebecca taught me, I got my business up and running in super quick time – no more procrastinating.  I was scared but I did it anyway and I’ve already – one month after starting – more than matched my salary and I’ve got that much work coming in I’m considering taking other person on!

If you get the chance to work with Rebecca, take it! She will empower and inspire you to achieve things you never thought possible. As for RTT – life changing! When she next has a slot for individual sesssion, take it!!”

August 2019



“People are even telling me I look different! 

I’ve always been utterly dreadful with money; unable to keep it and constantly in debt no matter how much I earnt.  My money blocks were negatively impacting on my children and have ruined relationships.  I had no confidence around money and was unable to make effecive decisions. I’m ashamed to say I had unopened bills dating back 10 years.

After one RTT session with Rebecca I discovered the root of my issues. It was eye-opening!

Within a few days, I had paid of debts and started effortlessly to manage my money. I feel in control, and my life-long procrastination has gone! I’m now about to launch a new business – something I have wanted to do for many years.  Thank you Rebecca, I’m a new man!”



YogaNosis – Yoga + Hypnosis. Feel amazing for 2020!

YogaNosis – Yoga + Hypnosis. Feel amazing for 2020!

What is YogaNosis? Yoga + Hypnosis = YogaNosis!  YogaNosis is a new, exciting combination of yoga postures and breathwork combined with hypnosis to bring about powerful changes in your life.  Hypnosis is a natural relaxed, trance like state of being.  The perfect way...

Success only happens outside the comfort zone? Wrong!

Success only happens outside the comfort zone? Wrong!

Life is short let's not make it harder than necessary I was sat with a gaggle of coaches today ( I have no idea if that’s the term for a group of coaches but I like it) All talking about how to assist their clients achieve their goals It’s what we all want, obviously...

It is NOT your limiting beliefs holding you back!

It is NOT your limiting beliefs holding you back!

There is a 'thing'  spouted regularly among coaches that in order to achieve huge success you need to change your limiting beliefs. While this is correct to a degree, it’s only surface level. Most people, when they are building a business, or striving for a goal,...

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